TSu // Thermal Screening Unit
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Low-Temp Thermal Screening

Low-Temperature Thermal Screening

Thermal Screening at low temperature using the TSu

Much chemistry is now performed at low temperatures, while standard thermal screening equipment begins all experiments at room temperature. HEL's TSu calorimeter provides for the option of a "chilled" variant - extending the range of thermal screening to sub-ambient conditions. This feature relies on two important components:

  • Mechanical modifications to enable the test section to be cooled, very simply and quickly using any available chiller which determines the lowest operating temperature.
  • Control software that allows stability testing from any initial temperature, without any need for recalibration.

In effect, the combination of above features immediately extends the working range to whatever the chiller is able to achieve. This means that a TSu designed for low temperature operation can be run in exactly the same way as standard systems without any influence on the normal, high-temperature testing.