TSu // Thermal Screening Unit
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Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits


TSu Design:

  • 8ml High Pressure Test Cells in Glass Stainless Steel &amp Hastelloy.
  • Sufficient volume for truly representative samples, and the study of liquids, solids and reaction mixtures.
  • Temperature from ambient to 400&deg C, resolution of 0.01&deg C.
  • Pressure transducers available in several ranges, typically up to 200 bar.


  • Thermal stability of feeds, intermediates and products.
  • Test liquids and solids.
  • Evaluate long term exposure at elevated temperatures (isothermal or "soak" test).
  • Evaluate safe operating and storage temperatures, as well as the consequences of a runaway reaction.
  • Sub-Ambient Testing (optional)

Key Data

  • Onset temperature of exotherm.
  • Rate of temperature rise.
  • Rate of pressure rise.
  • Maximum temperature and pressure.
  • Time from exotherm initiation to maximum rate.