Simular // Heat-Flow Reaction Calorimeter
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Thermal Control

Thermal Control

Temperature regulation on jacketed reactors is provided for via electrical heaters, circulating fluid, or a combination of both. Fluid Circulators are the most common solution, providing both heating and active cooling from -80&deg C to around 250&deg C. Electrical heaters provide heating only but extend the range of the system up to 500&deg C (with a suitable reactor).

The user interface is identical regardless of the thermal control system used - reducing training requirements. Temperature can be controlled on the basis of reactor or jacket temperature. More sophisticated temperature controls, such as ramps or differential control&nbsp (where the jacket is maintained at a fixed offset to the reactor temps - useful for maintaining reflux conditions) are included as standard and allow for precise parameter control.


Advanced thermal controls, are included in the Simular Calorimeter system, but again the interface retains it's simplicity of use - with just a single setpoint entry for reactor temp required.