On-line Calorimetry // Simple Calorimetry from jacketed and stirred reactors
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Specialist Calorimetry Features

Specialist Calorimetry Features

Calorimetry for

HEL's proprietry Simular reaction calorimeter is now supplied with this new on-line methodology in place, allowing high-level calorimetry analysis but without the need for time consuming experimentation or specialist off-line analysis.


Key features are:

  • Sound calorimetry theory and well-researched methodology to provide accurate results
  • Custom electronics and reactor hardware
  • On-line calculation of heat release, in real time
  • Choice of heat flow and power compensation calorimetry

Key benefits compared with conventional reactor calorimeters include:

  • No time lost for UA calibrations (with power compensation)
  • No off-line calculations (even for heat flow)
  • All calculations are automated and on-line, real-time
  • Fast control and accurate results

Calorimetry for parallel applications

HEL's simplified heatflow methodology can also be implemented on multiple reactor systems, giving on-line and real time results in parallel. This has already been implemented on HEL's PolyBLOCK and AutoMATE platforms and typical results are shown in the graph opposite.