AutoLAB // Chemical Reactors, from 250mL to 20L
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Reactors for Research

AutoLAB is a stirred reactor platform with a volume range typically from 250mL to 20L (or larger) and are available in a range of configurations to suit any laboratory or application...

  • Glass (low pressure) and metal high pressure chemistries
  • Process Optimisation with good control and logging of all parameters
  • Crystallisation
  • Polymeristion, petrochemical and refining process steps
  • Organic Synthesis for fine chemical and pharmaceutical applications
  • Kilo-pilot/production plant with safety and scale-up the key features

The AutoLAB features a range of innovations to make the easy to use and to reduce training time and the need for specialist users to a minimum. For simple applications the following may be important:

  • Manual or software controlled, to suit budgets and technical choice
  • Upgrade at later stage as needs arise
  • Assembly and use without the need for any tools.

The quality of HEL's industry-leading WinISO software control system that puts "Auto" into AutoLAB. WinISO is configured for each application and user-level - so that beginers are not overwhelmed with unnecessary details but experienced users can have a feature-packed system. The platform allows for standard datalogging and parameter control, but also multi-step recipes, feedback loops (eg pH Control).

The software is also available on touch screen computers and and is especially useful where space limitations are important as well as ease of use for common chemistry applications.

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