Phi-TEC II // Adiabatic low phi-factor Reaction Safety Calorimetry
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Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits


Phi-TEC II Design

  • 10-120mL sample vessels in Glass, Stainless Steel or Hastelloy
  • Low-Phi Factor ~1.05
  • Custom Cells Available
  • Mechanical Agitation - ideal for viscous or multiphase solutions
  • Direct temperature measurement
  • Pressure tracking system to prevent cell rupture
  • Temp 0-500&degC
  • Pressure to 138 Bar
  • Exotherm detection 0.02&deg C / min
  • Heater tracking at 200&deg C / min

Adiabatic Calibration

Auto-Calibration that takes only 30min and can be performed before each experiment. Auto-Calibration keeps device always in perfect calibration and also adapts automatically to different sizes and shapes of test cells and batteries or other samples.

Key Data

  • Exotherm"Onset" temperature
  • Runaway data suitable for DIERS Relief Line Sizing
  • Determination of Venting Behaviour
  • Determination of Flow regime (two or single-phase)
  • Kinetic Data (eg for TMR or TNR calcuations)